Shockwave, Splints & Show Season

Things haven’t been too exciting the past two weeks for Zin. Between a mini vacation for me (yay!) and getting sick (boo!), I hadn’t been out for nearly a whole week.  Zin has been mostly on stall rest with limited turn out and she is B O R E D. Like spook at her own shadow type bored. I can tell she is just dying to get back to work, and I am dying for her to get back to work!


What do you mean the vet is coming out AGAIN?!

Two weeks after her first shockwave treatment, the vet came out to re-evaluate Zin as well as do her second treatment. Prior to the treatment, he watched her walk and trot and said she looked GREAT. She was super fluid in her movement and pushing off evenly from both hind legs (she’s currently being treated for a splint on her left hind).

I really like how my vet sits there and explains what the treatment is and how it works while he is doing it. Basically it’s an approximately 15 minute treatment that sends shockwaves through to the bone to promote healing. During the treatment, it sounds like a “tick – tick – tick – tick” over and over again; the vet sets the duration and frequency at the beginning of the treatment. It seems counter intuitive – stimulating an injured area – but it really does work. Zin has a hard lump on the outside of her left hind (see photos below), which is basically just a bony growth that formed when her splint partially healed. After analyzing the initial x-ray, the vet could see changes in the bone behind that bony growth. So he has been trying to place the head of the probe of the shockwave instrument so that the “waves” get behind that bony growth. Coming from a strong science background (I have a degree in chemistry), it’s a fascinating process and I love learning about it! Zin was pretty dead lame the day after Christmas (Merry Christmas to me from Zinnie, right?!), but with the stall rest and shockwave she’s definitely made a 180 turn for the better.

Prior to Zinnie injuring herself, I had originally had my hopes set on doing our first show of the season at March Twin Rivers. I’ve never been to Twin and have heard great things about it, so I was super excited! When Zin first came up DFL (dead $%&*ing lame), my first thought was the first half of our show season was going completely down the drain. But with how well she has been doing with treatment, the plan is to start tack walking her and gradually introduce some trotting over the next two weeks. Re-evaluate at the two week mark and if she is still looking good, then start her back into full work. Wish me luck not getting bucked off in the process …… she is feeling REALLY feisty and good! If all things go well, the “new” plan is to start our season at the April Twin Rivers event – all things considered, having a one month delay to our show season is really NOT the worst thing in the world.


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