Product Review: EQyss Premier & MicroTek

For the last several months, Zin has had “cannon crud” on her left hind leg. “Cannon Crud” is as nasty as it sounds -its basically a grease-y dirty layer that forms over the hair on the horses cannon bones. It typically affects white legs, but it can happen to any coat color, really. I’m not sure if it’s a fungus or what, but whatever it is it is annoying and ugly. I got fed up with getting Zin’s white socks sparkling clean only to have this hideous layer of crud on one. Additionally, Zin cut her leg about a year ago and hair never really grew back where it scarred. Lately though it seemed like she was losing a bit more hair on that scared area so I wanted to see what I could do to prevent the hair loss.

I have heard good things about the EQyss grooming products, but never really took the plunge and purchased them because they are kind of pricey. Everything I got was at least $25 or more and that just seems like a bit much to spend on grooming products I’m not sure would actually work. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and try them and I am glad that I did! I ended up getting three of their products – the MicroTek Equine Shampoo, the MicroTek Equine Gel and the Premier Marigold coat spray. EQyss makes a MicroTek Equine Gel as well as a spray and I stood and looked and went back and forth on both products before finally settling on the gel. I do think the spray would be easier to apply, but the gel specifically said it “minimizes the appearance of scars” so I decided to give it a try.

I first started with the MicroTek Equine Shampoo and washed all 4 of Zins legs. She only has 3 white legs, and only fungus on the left hind, but since I was down there I figured ….. why not? I used a soft curry to loosen up hair and dirt before wetting the legs and applying the shampoo. I squeezed a small amount in to my hand and applied it directly to the leg. The shampoo didn’t suds up very much, but that was fine with me ….. suds in shampoos and soaps are often caused by sulfates and those can be harsh on the skin. The shampoo also has a lovely, fresh floral scent!

I know some of you must be thinking, well of course there would be a noticeable difference after she washed the leg – she got all the crud off! But let me tell you… doesn’t work like that! I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t (I’m super scientific, huh?!). I have washed her legs with so many shampoos time after time and never have I seen the hair look this clean afterwards. Whatever ingredient was in the shampoo really helped loosen the crud and remove it from the hair shaft.

After shampooing, I used a small amount of the MicroTek Gel and applied it to the affected areas. As you can see, where the “cannon crud” was the skin is a bit raw so I think the gel is designed to soothe those areas. Of course as I was putting the gel on, I noticed a spot of “cannon crud” that I hadn’t seen before and I guess didn’t scrub as well on that portion of the leg. I’m planning on washing the legs again this Monday (so a week after the initial treatment) and will hopefully remember that spot! I also applied the gel to the scar she has on the pastern of her right hind. This picture is from the initial application and it is already looking better (Note: I will take a photo of it again next time I’m out and upload this post).

The third product I got from EQyss is the Premier Marigold Spray. I honestly stood in the aisle and thought about this for a while – did I really need to spend $23 on a coat enhancing spray? Apparently this answer to this question is YES! And I am so glad I did! First of all, this spray smells AMAZING!!!! It smells sweet yet still fresh and relaxing. I am obsessed with the scent, I would seriously bathe in this stuff if I could. And one of the nice things about this product is that it doesn’t have any silicone in it, so you can spray it all over your horses body, including where the saddle goes, and not have to worry about tack slipping. On the flip side of that, I don’t find it works really well for a detangler. I don’t brush Zins tail every day anyway, but on the days I do I will still be using show sheen or Cowboy Magic to get it detangled and easy to brush through. I have still sprayed the Marigold Spray on the tail, just not brushed through it when using this particular product ….. tail hairs are precious and I don’t want to rip any out!

I have been using this spray every day since Monday (so, four days now) and I can see her coat is so shiny and so also so soft! I have been using it after I ride, so I will hose or sponge her off, let her dry a bit then spray this all over her body. It works great and I will definitely be repurchasing!


Zinnie with clean legs and a shiney coat!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: EQyss Premier & MicroTek

  1. MicroTek is my go-to product when skin stuff pops up. Smells great. Rinses great. Seems to help and isn’t super harsh. Love the stuff (and the microtek spray)


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