Book Recommendations

Okay, so I know at first this may seem completely unrelated to horses. And for the most part it pretty much is. I’m not sure about my readers, but often times I am travelling a significant distance to horse shows and schooling, alone. The closest event is about an hour and a half away and the furthest one is TWELVE (!) hours. To pass the time on the drives, I’ve been really getting into books on tape. I thought I might share my recent recommendations with you all in case you are looking for some new books to read or listen to books on tapes during trailer rides!

The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer
Okay, okay – YES this is author who wrote the Twilight series. And no, this book is NOTHING like those books. It is an action packed novel with a bit of romance in it. Basically, in the book, the US government has a whole lab set up to create chemical concoctions to induce extreme pain on individuals who they are trying to get information from (think potential terrorists). Suddenly the director of the lab turns on the people in it and one woman who worked in the lab fled and ran for her life. She has been in hiding for 3 years when she is finally contacted again to do one last job – if she does the job they will leave her alone and stop trying to kill her. But once she starts investigating further, she learns that maybe her former employer wasn’t as clear about their intentions as she initially thought. Dun dun dun!!!  Oh, also, this book has a bunch of cool dogs in it…..and lets be real, who doesn’t love dogs?! 

“Boss” Series by Victoria Quinn
DISCLAIMER !!! This is a very …. how do I put it …. “raunchy” novel. On one of my first long solo drives, a friend of mind recommended the book “Boss Lady”, which is the first book in the series out of nine. She told me it was a bit raunchy, but I mean I was in the car alone driving so how bad could it be. Well, let me just say it made me blush a bit while driving ALONE. But this is a REALLY good book series – it really draws you in and makes you connect with each of the characters. It is a series about a love affair between two powerful billionaires – who each have dark secrets from their past and also have to keep their interest in each other private (why, you may ask? Read the book and find out!). After the first book, it’s less about sex and more of a story line develops to leave you screaming at the characters and desperately wondering what happens next (and wanting to buy the next book like immediately). I have listened to books 1 through 4 on tape while hauling, but I’ve enjoyed the series so much that I’ve now been purchasing them on my kindle app so I can read outside of driving! I’m addicted and can’t wait till the next trip to read more. I’m currently on book 5, which is called “Boss Alpha” and it is SO hard to put these books down!